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    Financial Aid

    12th International Phycological Congress - IPC2021

    1) IPS Grant for graduate students
    IPS supports the participation of graduate students in the IPC2021.  Deadline for submitting applications: November 1, 2020.
    In order to be eligible for the financial support you must:
    Be a graduate student, as verified by your supervisor.
    Be a student member or ordinary member of the IPS.
    Participate in the Congress with a poster or presentation.
    Complete the application and return it to the Secretary by the deadline.
    For more information please visit:
    2) IPC Fund for delegates

    The IPC Fund was created for supporting delegates attending the different IPCs

    To be eligible to receive financial aid,  one of the following criteria should be met: 

    • academic within 3 years of their first appointment.
    • delegate from a country with severe economic difficulties (e.g., very weak local currency, or exceedingly difficult to obtain foreign currency, or other criteria essentially demonstrating economic disadvantage).
    • postgraduate student in year 2-4 of Ph.D.
    If you have any enquiries about the IPC Fund please send an email to: