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    Mariana Cabral de Oliveira

    12th International Phycological Congress - IPC2021

    Mariana Cabral de Oliveira, PhD
    Associate Professor. University of São Paulo, Brazil

    Plenary Lecture: Phycology in South America: from Monte Verde to current trends, 14,000 years of history

    Mariana Cabral Oliveira: works on the biodiversity and evolution of algae. Has PhD in Botany (1993) from the University of São Paulo (USP) and was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Marine Biosciences in Canada (1991-92). Since 1994 works at the Institute of Biosciences of USP, becoming a full professor in 2015 and head of the Botany Department (2014-16). Received in 2000 the São Paulo State Medal of Scientific and Technological Merit, awarded by the governor. In 2003, received the International Foundation for Science Jubilee Award and in 2012 the Provasoli award. Is a member of the Academy of Sciences of São Paulo and served on the coordination committees of the Biota-FAPESP (2009-17), the CNPq Botany (2015-18) and FAPESP Biology (2018-ongoing). Was on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Phycology (2009-11), associate editor of Phycologia (2011-17) and of Journal of Phycology (2019-ongoing), and served as International Vice-President of the Phycological Society of America (2012-13; 15-17).