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    Susana Coelho

    12th International Phycological Congress - IPC2021

    Susana Coelho
    Algal Genetics Group
    Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms Department
    Station Biologique de Roscoff

    Plenary Lecture: “Sex chromosomes and sex determination in the brown algae”

    Susana M. Coelho is a CNRS Research Director at the Station Biologique de Roscoff. She is interested in brown algae evolution, development and reproduction, in particular the origin and evolution of sex determination and differentiation. After her studies at the University of Porto, Susana moved to Colin Brownlee’s lab in Plymouth UK for her PhD. She then obtained European fellowships from EMBO and Marie-Curie to proceed her work on brown alga genetics and evolution, and she joined Mark Cock and Akira Peters in Roscoff to develop Ectocarpus as a model brown algae. She has been co-directing the Algal Genetics Group since 2010. Work in the group has led to important discoveries about major genetic regulators underlying developmental patterns and transitions during Ectocarpus life cycle, and she has been employing a combination of genetic, genomic and evolutionary approaches to characterize sex chromosomes and sex determining systems across the brown algae. Susana has led several research projects focusing on evolution and development of brown algae, including two ERC Grants (SEXSEA and TETHYS), and she is recipient of the CNRS Bronze Medal (2015) and of the Trogoboff Prize from the French National Academy of Sciences (2017).